28 August 2016

Brand Series - Uber Luxury

We now look at the final in the series, the über luxury marques. This sort of car sells to people who may view the purchase of a Rolls Royce in the same way as most of us would buying a sandwich for lunch. In other words, for those whom spending money isn't an issue they need to fret about. They may also own several cars.

Most luxury brands are doing very well but it isn't as easy making a success of things as we may think. Boxes have to be ticked. So what are the necessary things to get right?

Brand image. This is the first one and the most important. Buying a fabulous car that no one has heard of or holds little cachet won't work. Daimler tried with Maybach but the well heeled didn't fall for it.

Modern. The marque is critical, but customers still want up to date styling and technology. Aston Martin has struggled to keep up with replacing car platforms but are now dealing with that. They got away with it but a few more years of the 'same old, same old' and they would have suffered.

Trends. Even for this sort of car, being one step ahead of the competition is very helpful. Suddenly it has been realised that SUV über luxury is 'in'. Bentley were an early entrant with the Bentayga and other are rushing into the segment with haste. Miss the trend and it will be costly.

Summary: I have a confession to make. I don't live in the rarefied air of people that buy über luxury items. To me, buying a new car of any description is a major deal. I even strive to cultivate simple tastes and value a modest lifestyle. I am lucky enough to live in a country where such is attainable, without fear of poverty.

So am I qualified to write about this subject? One thing I do know is that selling 'luxury' has to be done right.

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