05 May 2016

400,000 And Counting

The blog quietly slipped passed the 400,000 mark as you can see on the left side, on top of the second column. 63,250 was the number for 2015, up on the 58,075 of 2014. I haven't kept a record of the nations for the year but do have from the beginning of the counting in 2007. Below are from which nations the hits come and the percentage for each. Google only provide the Top 10.

1 USA 90,873 22.6%

2 UK 51,713 12.9%

3 France 22,580 5.6%

4 Russia 20,871 5.2%

5 Germany 17,402 4.3%

6 New Zealand 6,999 1.7%

7 India 4,666 1.2%

8 Belgium 3,319 0.8%

9 Czech Rep 3,207 0.8%

10 Italy 3,079 0.8%

Others 177,147 44.1%

Total 401,856

I have noticed sometimes the figures for a nation reduce slightly, so do some drop off? The 'Others' figure seems quite high, but at least it gives an idea.

I keep the blog running despite Google, not because of them. This simple article won't load and when it does, it may be missing some parts. Oh well, I don't think it will change anytime soon.

You are welcome anytime. Enjoy and hopefully we all will have an improved understanding of car sales, production data and the companies that make them. All in a commercial free zone.

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