24 March 2016

TVR's Revival

I haven't got a picture of the new car, so here's one of the old cars

I wrote about the end of TVR sports car company back in 2010 (it can be seen by clicking here). I didn't think it would see the light of day again as sports cars are not as popular as they once were. Now TVR is set to return, to be made in a new factory in Ebbw Vale, Wales. People are already putting deposits down for them and production is set to commence in 2017.

The body manufacturing will be based around a process called iStream Carbon, with Gordon Murray Design behind it. It is claimed to offer a cost effective lightweight chassis system, a large reduction in capital investment and in manufacturing energy, plus product flexibility from a single platform. Chassis rigidity, durability, corrosion resistance along with safety are also features.

Additional details: Cosworth is designing a new engine for the car. Production volume is expected to reach 2,200 by 2022 and has a 10 year plan to release four models. The simplified assembly process means only 150 staff will be required, keeping costs down. The cars will be sold in UK and some European markets.

Summary: It is good news to see an iconic sports car brand resurrected. Good news too for Wales, which is working hard to attract manufacturing investment. Despite the upbeat talk, it is still a challenge to make a sports car company financially viable. Had they mentioned an SUV was also planned, I would have been reassured. However, if this new manufacturing process is a success and the business side of the operation is well run, then it could be a winner.

They were certainly unique, as was this Tuscan

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