06 February 2016

Jaguar F-Pace Production Commences

For what will be a huge step forward for the leaping cat will be the long overdue arrival of an SUV / crossover type model. I have gone on for some time about how much it was needed and it is now finally rolling off the production line. The thing is it has been done with little public knowledge. It's as if Jaguar isn't ready to trumpet its arrival. Just as well I'm here then.

The impact cannot be overstated. I know the XE is important and the way it is selling already shows how important it is. However, I see this as a game changer for Jaguar. In markets like NZ, where the traditional car is being taken over by this sort of vehicle as taking the marque to another level of sales volume. I am unsure of the manufacturing volume potential, but that is going to be the biggest issue.

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