22 January 2016

UK Car Production By Leading Brand : 2015

Care being taken at the Land Rover site in Halewood c. Liverpool
for a Range Rover Evoque as it nears completion

Just released is UK car production by make, with JLR taking top spot as a company for the first time. This represents nearly all of its production as the only other manufacturing facility is in China. How much is produced there is strictly off limits. Nissan has been the top producer since 1999 and still is, if Jaguar and Land Rover is separated as they normally are. The Nissan figure includes a few thousand Infiniti cars and I would like that to be kept apart too. We will find out in due course.

What is of note is JLR was up 9% and Nissan down nearly 5%. MINI had its best year since 2012, the other manufacturing facilities being in Austria and The Netherlands. Toyota was up over 10%, while Honda was down slightly. GM Vauxhall did well because of the new Astra. The total was up a solid, if unspectacular, 3.9%. The nearly 1.6 million cars made is the best since 2005.

Brand 2015 +/-

Jaguar / Land Rover 489,923 9.0%

Nissan 476,589 -4.7%

MINI 201,207 12.4%

Toyota 191,161 10.4%

Honda 119,414 -2.0%

GM Vauxhall 85,241 9.5%

Other 24,142 -12.4%

Total 1,587,677 3.9%

Data source: SMMT.

Of the total, 23% was for local consumption (359,796) and 77% for export (1,227,881). The EU took 57.5% of those exports, the U.S. 11% and China 7%. The rest of the world the remaining quarter. Exports to China and Russias slumped, yet demand remained high globally. There is such pressure on JLR's ability to supply enough vehicles, they simply were able to redirect cars to other markets. Nissan didn't have that luxury and was hurt by the Russian downturn, up until now a major export destination.

Summary: Overall a success, one that should be at least duplicated in 2016. In fact, provided global sales are reasonably robust, UK production should increase more than the 3.9% of 2015. 

The new Infiniti Q30 will add to UK manufacturing in 2016

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