19 January 2016

Kia Overseas Factory Sales By Model : 2015

The new KX3 crossover made in China

Kia is expanding its overseas operations with a facility about to open in Mexico. For now cars are made in five countries, four abroad. So let's look at each one briefly.

China: 21% of all Kia cars are made here, covering seven models. The K3 range accounts for 46% of all of that model's factory sales globally. The K4 and KX3 are exclusively made in China.

China 2015 % total

K3 / Cerato / Forte 191,410 46%

K2 164,114 34%

Sportage 110,983 23%

K4 62,147 100%

KX3 47,432 100%

K5 38,516 14%

Soul 1,494 1%

Total 616,096 21%

Slovakia accounts for 12% of all Kia factory sales. Two are only made at this location, the C'eed and Venga. The Sportage is the other and the largest numerically produced there.

Slovakia 2015 % total

Sportage 198,952 42%

C'eed 109,392 100%

Venga 29,656 100%

Total 338,000 12%

The USA makes up 9% of total Kia factory sales. The Sorrento makes up half of the global units, the Optima about 40%.

USA 2015 % total

Sorento 147,365 50%

K5 / Optima 109,522 39%

Total 256,887 9%

Finally one model is of Russian origin, sourced from a Hyundai plant. 3% of total Kia cars comes from there.

Russia 2015 % total

Rio 101,934 3%

Total 101,934 3%

Summary: Overall the factories are well spread around the world, and with Mexico about to come on line an even wider reach. Well done Kia for allowing us a glimpse into its operations. Good publicity for them too.

The Kia K5 or Optima made in Korea, China and the USA

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