18 January 2016

Kia Korea Factory Sales By Model : 2015

We live in a world where information is more available than ever, and often immediate. People want to be informed. Most companies are not exactly forthcoming when it comes to data. Some car makers may feel that if they control the data, they control how it is interpreted. However, people can still decide whether to believe the spin or not and can make up their own mind. I do.

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity and that is more true that we may realise. So it is refreshing that in Korea they see being open with statistics is good publicity. In this case there is indeed good publicity for Kia.

Below is what is termed as 'sales from Korean plants'. Now, I cannot be certain even what that means. Production is what comes out of the plant, whether it is put on a ship of sits in a storage area near the plant. I assume that when Kia gets an order for a car from an overseas importer and then it is dispatched, it is at that point counted as a plant sale.

1.6 million Kia cars sold on this basis came out of Korea. They are listed below. The models, plant sales and the percentage of total Kia sales for that model and at the bottom, percentage of the Kia total.

Model 2015 % total

Morning / Picanto 244,120 100%

K3 224,752 54%

Soul 224,191 99%

Pride / Rio 222,734 46%

Sportage 164,760 35%

Sorento 146,842 50%

Carnival / Sedona 137,623 100%

K5 / Optima 134,439 48%

Carens 36,854 100%

K7 / Cadenza 30,783 100%

Ray 25,960 100%

Mohave / Borrego 12,974 100%

K9 6,374 100%

DE 120 100%

Total 1,612,526 55%

Data source: Kia Motors. 

Most of the models are self explanatory, but the bottom one defeats me. I thought it was maybe a special model just for Germany, but I jest. In total, that is a large number of cars. Kia wants to make more outside its homeland and will do that as shipping cars long distances is expensive and cars are slower to reach market. 

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