25 January 2016

Hyundai Overseas Factory Sales By Model : 2015

Hyundai has been building factories around the world and is happy to share how they are doing. A breath of fresh air in an industry behind the times with regard to openness and the publicity that brings. So what are the overseas facilities producing, and how many?

China: The largest overseas production is here, with 23% of all cars made. Seven models are assembled. The Elantra makes up 40% of the global production of that model. The Mistra is exclusively made in China, slotting in between the Elantra and Sonata. The ix25 is a compact SUV, also made in India under the name Creta.

China Units % total

Elantra 323,110 40%

Accent 213,678 25%

Tuscon 159,464 27%

Mistra 154,597 100%

ix25 102,755 66%

Sonata 75,867 15%

Santa Fe 33,355 9%

Total 1,062,826 23%

India: Like China seven models are also produced here, but only five of note. The i10 makes up nearly half of the total, with the Eon exclusive to India. 14% of Hyundai cars start life here.

India Units % total

i10 311,904 75%

i20 152,887 55%

Eon 86,647 100%

Creta 53,285 34%

Accent 35,282 4%

Elantra 1,836 0%

Sonata 149 0%

Total 641,990 14%

The Eon, made only in India

U.S.A: Three models, one in a Kia facility for Hyundai. The Sonata is the principal model and 43% of all made worldwide are from the U.S.

USA Units % total

Sonata 208,347 43%

Elantra 172,017 21%

Sante Fe (Kia) 114,125 30%

Total 494,489 11%

Czech Republic: Like the U.S. three models come from Central Europe. The ix35 (aka the Tuscon) accounts for two thirds of them.

Czech Rep Units % total

ix35 203,427 35%

i30 104,666 57%

ix20 34,307 100%

Total 342,400 7%

Turkey: The second European production centre is Turkey, with 5% of the global total. Two small cars are manufactured.

Turkey Units % total

i20 122,661 45%

i10 103,848 25%

Total 226,509 5%

Brazil: This is a difficult one. The HB is technically an exclusive model, but it is based on the Accent. I've decided to count it under that, although I'm not sure if I should.

Brazil Units % total

HB 174,420 21%

Total 174,420 4%

Russia: It too has an exclusively named model, but seems very much to be an Accent. I therefore had no issue with combining it with that model.

Russia Units % total

Solaris 129,000 15%

Total 129,000 3%

Either the ix25 or Creta, depending where you live

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