04 December 2015

The allaboutcars Blog

My first article was September, 2007 (can be seen here) and was a simple few words. The quality of some of the initial efforts were ordinary and I have culled some of them due to lack of relevance as time passed. The blog has retained its ethos of no commercialism allowed. There are no advertisements and when people use comments to promote business, they are deleted.

Statistics were added by owner Google in July, 2010 which have been useful. Using that data the top nations for visitors can be seem from the above date to the end of November, 2015.

USA 22.5%

UK 13.4%

France 5.3%

Germany 4.3%

Russia 4.3%

Others 50.1%

The USA leads from the UK and France third. It wasn't long ago that Germany was third but is now about to be overtaken by Russia. I don't think any criticism of the much vaunted German car industry goes down that well in that country. Oh well, it deserves it so don't expect me to relent if I think it is warranted. The blog isn't here to offend but likewise not to avoid issues either.

So it goes on for now. I have of late found motivation harder to come by but as long as the desire is there, it will continue. From a computer desk in far away New Zealand, thanks for coming.

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