04 November 2015

Shifting Buying Patterns In New Zealand 2014-15

Comparing the first nine months of 2014 to 2015 (Jan-Sep) shows a trend that is probably fairly common around the world. Below there are four categories, cars, SUVs, pick-up trucks and MPVs and small buses - the latter I assume is mainly vans with seats.

NZ's number one selling car, the Corolla

Cars: There is no surprise that the car is the largest segment but losing share. The 4-door is already unpopular here, with most of the sales hatchbacks and some wagons. It looks like it will soon not be the top segment.

The top selling SUV, the RAV4

SUVs: Kiwis love their versatility and higer driving position. Higher ground clearance is also sought after. This will soon be the top category.

The best selling vehicle by far, the Ford Ranger. Just don't tell Toyota

Pick-Ups: This is a vehicle that has gone from the farm to urban streets as well. Popular among tradesmen and for recreational purposes I'm surprised the growth isn't greater than it is for 2015. Double cab roominess and car like handling can be expected but the rear tray area hasn't grown with them. They are getting too large overall.

MPVs: The traditional MPV has never been a big seller in NZ and they make up about two thirds of sales here in this category. The other third probably mainly vans with seats as mentioned. Big growth here surprised.

Segment 2015 2014 +/-

Cars 35,734 37,572 -4.9%

SUVs 33,099 28,108 17.8%

Pick Ups 21,081 19,000 11.0%

MPV/Sm Bus 1,599 1,281 24.8%

Total 91,513 85,961 6.5%

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