10 November 2015

Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Nissan did the Murano CrossCabriolet and it bombed. The soft top market isn't what it was. Perhaps worry of too much sun on the skin is part of the reason. Maybe they are just not what people want anymore. So why is Land Rover doing one? Because it is drop dead gorgeous. I love style, I like to think I have an eye for it. Mind you I think anyone would appreciate how it looks.

What I like is that it has been engineered to go off road, therefore rigidity is good. That is too often the problem with this sort of vehicle. It also has a masculine look, again rarely something to be said of soft tops. I would be comfortable being seen driving around in one. The tough image ensures that Paris Hilton won't be buying one. Phew!

So will it sell? Apparently it is the the world’s first luxury SUV convertible so it is testing the waters. It was a concept shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012 and will be available around mid 2016 so it hasn't been rushed. I guess JLR had more pressing needs. If LR make money on it I will be surprised.

But that isn't the point. A halo model for the brand it will be. It's looks stunning and for the well heeled, a fine car to add to the range of vehicles that such a buyer will no doubt already have. I'm glad that it is a goer because there is too much sameness in the car industry. It's not a car I will buy due to cost but I certainly wouldn't say no for a weekend.

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