18 October 2015

VW Passat vs Mazda 6

Head to head comparisons are popular. I know when I see one in a magazine or web page I like to find out who won. The thing is that it is just an opinion and not necessarily an unbiased one either. We are all prone to that and car testers are as much as the average motorist, if not more. They may feel the pressure that a negative review will bring from a car company.

The swooping styling is appealing

So on to this head to head. The NZ Autocar magazine first mentioned the Mondeo (Fusion) as Americanised, aimed at consumers not drivers. It described the Passat and 6 clearly ahead of the rest. While evenly matched in many areas, the Passat was roomier and slightly more premium, while the 6 was a better car to drive and better value. So they sat on the fence on this one.

So how do they compare from place to place? Lets see. For NZ: Autocar, US: Car & Driver, UK: What Car? and Australia: Car Advice. Some just gave a rating for the car, others for each model tested.

Nation Mazda6 Passat Mondeo

NZ 4 4 Less

US 5 3.5 4

UK 3 4-5 3-4

Aus 4.25 4.5 4.25

The Passat won for the UK and Australia, in NZ it shared the win with the Mazda 6 while the Mondeo (Fusion) got no wins. The Passat was last in the US and the Mazda 6 was in the UK. I guess specifications may vary and pricing will too. As this size of car has no appeal to me, it was of curiosity to see how things differ in rating. The answer is by all means read reviews and head to head comparisons. Then go for a test drive yourself and don't be concerned if your preferred car isn't what a car tester thought. It's your opinion that counts.

Clean lines is the best way I could put it

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