18 September 2015

Honda Aims High With The 2016 Civic

Honda knows that while they are having success in Asia and North America, it could be doing much, much better in Europe. I spoke to someone at Honda NZ HQ and he assured me Honda were a cut above the mainstream segment, hence their higher price tag. An interesting suggestion.

I think Honda cars are well engineered and are safe, practical transport. However, those who love driving may be underwhelmed. Honda has released pictures of the 2016 Civic sedan so I wonder if it has addressed that issue / perception. Apparently the car is targeting the Audi A3 and VW Golf. Well, those cars don't line up in quality anyway, so that hasn't cleared anything up. Perhaps the car will fall somewhere in between them.

Do you view a Civic as good or better than a Golf? The new one seems to aim at that. There is a poll to the top right side of the article where you can have your two penny's worth. Below are the pics of the new Civic. It looks sharp but as to how good it is time and opinion will tell...

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