26 September 2015

Daihatsu Worldwide Prod Car/LCV By Nation : 2011-14

Coming in at 20th is Daihatsu, part of the Toyota Group. It was a world player years ago but has steadily been pulled back to the point it is now only sold in Asia. I guess that it overlaps with Toyota cars anyway to a large degree and marketing small vehicles profitably is a challenge.

Daihatsu cars are also made by a Malaysian firm Perodua and are very popular in that nation. Just under 200,000 of them rolled off the production line in 2014. I don't add them to the Daihatsu figure as Daihatsu are a minority shareholder, so they are made under licence by Perodua. The combined the total would pass Mitsubishi's worldwide total, which shows how popular the big D is in Asia. It doesn't even rely on China to help its production numbers.

Daihatsu is a very reliable car make too, so a shame they have pulled out of so many markets. I bought a new one ten years ago and the salesman said it would only need routine servicing, they don't break down. I thought he exaggerated, but it hasn't had one problem in that decade. Mechanical simplicity is part of the reason.

11 12 13 14 Nation 2011 2012 2013 2014 %
1 1 1 1 Japan 609,657 774,406 774,949 782,195 71.2
2 2 2 2 Indonesia 191,043 222,179 270,650 316,016 28.8
3 3 3 3 Venezuela 978 870 410 60 0.0

Total 801,678 997,455 1,046,009 1,098,271 1.31

Data source: OICA.

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