31 August 2015

Blog Poll Results

Am I prepared to pay more for fossil fuel 
to subsidies alternative fuel options?

Absolutely. The sooner the better: 1 vote. 

Yes, but reluctantly so: 4 votes. 

No way do I want to subsidise this: 1 vote.

Clearly few found this question of interest. That the majority would accept paying something to assist alternative fuels is a good thing. However the reluctant voting would indicate that they don't want to be hit too hard financially over it.

Rate this blog

Excellent: 10 votes.

Good: 2 vote.

Fair: 0 votes.

Poor: 0 votes.

A few more got into this one and overwhelmingly the blog is liked by readers. I guess that's why you come. The more telling point is ten people felt inclined to express appreciation, and I thank you for that.

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