17 April 2015

The XE Is Here!

It can't be easy working on a tilted floor like that

The XE has arrived and it's importance to Jaguar is huge. It needs to succeed and all indications are that it will. The marque went down this road with the X-Type and that was a better car than often acknowledged. However, the XE has been executed extremely well and there is no chance it get panned by the critics this time around. With Tata in charge, the whole exercise will be handled better. 

Will other premium marques be shaking in their boots? They will be uncomfortable because this is a seriously good car, but Jaguar doesn't have the dealer network, a high enough profile nor production capacity to do more than rattle cages. What the competition will be concerned with is the fact this car will give Jaguar the springboard to grow and in the future really put a dent in the sales of opposition makes.

That said, Jaguar has said it has no aspirations to be a volume marque of the scales of say BMW. It will succeed better with more exclusivity. Other premium brands would do well to think about how chasing volume will ultimately impact on their exclusive image. In fact damage is being done now in that regard, which makes Jaguar's aim of being 'less common' the smart choice long term.

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