17 April 2015

SEAT Global Production By Model : 2014

The problem child of the VW stable, SEAT is working hard to justify its existence. A 12% increase in production is a move in the right direction. The León added a sporty and a 4wd option to the range, and passed the Ibiza model in volume for the first time. Those two models provide most of the sales for the brand, and that is something that needs resolving. The quality Exeo model ended in 2013.

10 11 12 13 14 Model 2014 % + / -

2 2 2 2 1 León 157,087 39.8% 37%

1 1 1 1 2 Ibiza 153,633 38.9% 6%

3 3 3 3 3 Altea/Toledo 35,683 9.0% -17%

- 6 4 4 4 Mii 25,845 6.5% 1%

5 5 5 5 5 Alhambra 22,612 5.7% 13%

4 4 6 6 - Exeo

Total 394,860

Data source: VW Group.

Summary: It is a European make with a few South American markets added. Not many models and not many of those doing that well says it all for SEAT. There is work to be done and it is happening. It will also take time to achieve, as there are no shortcuts for sustainable growth. 

'Big Al' may be 5th but a useful part of the range


  1. Why Toledo and Altea are counted together, when it is a different car?
    Otherwise, interesting opinion on Seat vs. Skoda can be foud here: http://left-lane.com/vw-intentions-seat/

  2. Hello Jaroslav. Sorry for not answering sooner but I'm not getting notified of comments.

    The reason why I put them together is because that is how VW releases the data. The third generation Toledo was related to the Altea, but the fourth generation doesn't appear to be. There must be a reason why VW groups their sales together. I would separate them otherwise. Nice spotting though.

  3. I also read the Leftlane article. Yes, the SEAT brand is somewhat lost. It needed to be exciting and sporty, not just another regular car make. I have spoken of that in other articles I have written.
    It seems VW's safety first ethos has been applied to SEAT. What would VW do to Alfa?