24 April 2015

Cadillac Global Sales By Nation : 2014

The XTS model is made in Canada and China

Cadillac don't make it to New Zealand, in fact they don't make it to many countries. It just doesn't have a global feel to it. With about 97% of all sales in the US, Canada and China, Cadillac is anything but an international make. North America accounted for just over a third of sales in 2014, down from over three quarters in 2013. The difference was China, where the brand is doing quite well. Production is being moved there which will spur sales, as import duty is steep on imported vehicles. So much for free trade.

What GM is planning for the marque, I am not clear on but one would have to think that it needs to expand its horizons. What GM needs is patience, as it will take time to take sales off makes already well established. At least Cadillac do offer something different.

Region 2013 Share 2014 Share + / -

Nth America 192,157 76.6% 181,288 68.7% -6%

China 50,005 19.9% 73,500 27.9% 47%

Middle East 4,191 1.7% 4,265 1.6% 2%

Europe 1,943 0.8% 1,674 0.6% -14%

Rest 2,443 1.0% 2,970 1.1% 22%


Data source for chart: Cadillac.

NZ was in line to become a market for Cadillac but GM changed its mind. A NZ company bought 88 of the CTS cars in 2009 and soon sold them. A slightly smaller number were then obtained in 2010 that had been going to the UK. There was enough local demand to sell them without any trouble I believe. Official figures state 134 cars were sold, but 159 were supposed to have been imported. 

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