01 March 2015

Land Rover And Superior Design

I have felt since the introduction of the Range Rover, every Land Rover product has been a good looking one. Some may not have been stylish but form and function came together well, and in such a way, that there were no ugly ducklings. In a recent interview Land Rover's Design Director Gerry McGovern (GM) made some interesting points about how LR today view style.

He mentioned that under Tata ownership, there has been more freedom to do what is wanted, with only a small committee to approve a design and give it the go ahead. 'Liberating' was the word GM used. They are moving into a new phase of three families within LR and each will have its own focus. Defender will be essentially durable, Discovery premium and Range Rover luxury and this will become apparent as new models arrive.

GM made the point is that design and engineering can work together! LR is aiming at making vehicles that are universally appealing while retaining their character, what they are about. He wants the cars to be fun. People should desire to own a LR, enjoy driving it and look back at the car as they enter their home and smile.

My summary: They are definitly winning in style, design and desirability, yet also purposeful and practical. The new Discovery Sport (pictured above) is right up there in those areas. There are premium cars out there that I wouldn't want to be seen inside, such is their ugliness of or lack of appealing design. Not so with any Land Rover.

To see the interview, simply click here.

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