07 March 2015

France / Italy Premium Brand Comparison 2014

Alfas sell well at home

As France has the larger market by 1:1.32, that becomes the cut off for premium marques as to whether the lust shows yellow (more sales in Italy by proportion) or blue (France). With so few super luxury sales figures available at this time, they are all together here. Data comes from the CCFA and UNRAE.

Do Italians buy more premium brands? It appears to be the case, because I think the French in particular are not big buyers of posh cars. The three German premium brands are very close in ratio, all preferred in Italy. For Land Rover, many are sold as commercial vehicles in both nations and do not count here, as this is passenger registrations only. While that may move the figure more to France, it wouldn't be by that much so a big advantage to Italy. I wonder why Lexus bucks the trend? I suppose at least one larger premium brand had to.

Brand France Italy Diff

Alfa Romeo 7,608 28,322 0.27

Maserati 429 1,235 0.35

Land Rover 6,794 12,846 0.53

Lamborghini 28 47 0.60

Jaguar 715 994 0.72

Ferrari 176 227 0.78

Porsche 3,449 4,107 0.84

Volvo 12,459 14,161 0.88

MINI 18,278 19,139 0.96

Mercedes 49,149 46,355 1.06

BMW 47,682 43,583 1.09

Audi 56,395 49,948 1.13

Lexus 3,486 1,995 1.75

Aston Martin 67 26 2.58

More sought after in France

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