12 February 2015

Global Car Sales Rolls Royce 2005-2014

Since BMW took the reins at Rolls Royce, things have gone well. At first sales increased slowly, then accelerated. The marque has been managed well and costs saved without diluting the quality. New models have been added successfully. The Phantom was the only model and sales over the years for that model have been stable at around 900. The Ghost was added in 2009/10 and it has established a sales point of 2,800 or thereabouts. Now the Wraith in 2013/14 and it is too early to say where that will find its level. I haven't got the 2014 breakdown yet.

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

692 847 1,010 1,212 1,002 2,711 3,538 3,575 3,630 4,063

As you can see, sales have been growing well. However, unless new models are added, growth from here will be dependent on how the super luxury market fares. In 2015 RR will decide if it will go for an SUV vehicle. With Bentley in the process of bringing one to market, I think that may sway the decision in favour of doing it. RR are not chasing volume as they must ensure exclusivity but will want to be in a new and profitable niche, the Uber Luxury SUV class.

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