16 January 2015

New Bentley SUV To Surface

I like difference. Unusual is good too. When I heard the name Qashqai (named after Iranian tribes people), I liked it although some poured scorn on it. After runaway sales, the naysayers have evaporated. So I am open minded on names...until I heard Bentayga, the name for the new Bentley uber luxury SUV. It is taken from a rugged peak in the Canary Islands. However, my enthusiasm for something different, exotic is being tested here.

A teaser of a vent. Wow
Like The Qashqai, the name will hardly matter. Bentley already had deposits for 4,000 vehicles, which is not due for release until 2016 and no picture of it has been revealed. A design was shown a while ago (see below), but many disliked the front end treatment. So the vehicle will be similar to what you see below but with an unknown front.

As for pricing, it will cost less than a Bentley Mulsanne. However, seeing that existing Bentley owners have an average of eight cars, they won't be that concerned about a few thousand dollars either way.

Dealers are being trained to take non-Bentley trade ins as buyers exchange their current SUV for the Bentayga. It will bring a whole new buyer to the marque, and help expand Bentley into markets where Luxury SUV vehicles are popular. The bodies will be built in Slovakia, then transported to Crewe, England for the paint and trimming. It will be powered by a W12 engine. If you are keen, the queue is already quite long....

It's going to be fast and powerful 

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