14 January 2015

Germany Bound Car Carrier Grounded

A typical load of export vehicles 
The Hoegh Osaka car carrier was taking cars from the UK to a port in Germany when the ship began to list. The captain decided to try save the crew, ship and its cargo so he intentionally grounded it on a sandbank in the Solent, c. Southampton, UK.

The inventory includes 1,200 Jaguars and Land Rovers, 65 MINIs, 105 JCBs, ten Optare buses and a Rolls-Royce Wraith.

Reports suggest the cars fared well

How to move the behemoth was solved when natural forces refloated her. The issue then became pumping out water that had been taken on an manoevering her back to port. Poor weather is stalling the process.

The cars were probably for customers in Germany and perhaps other nations nearby, such as Switzerland. Although the vehicles were strapped down, the angle was pretty steep. Any damage to the cargo is covered by insurance but you would have to think it will impact on sales in Germany for JLR in January and February.

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