22 January 2015

A Busy January 2015

Determination is helpful
With all the statistics coming through, it has been an effort to keep up. An end of a year brings a conclusion to a period and is the kind of information that can be kept and viewed for years. Other articles become irrelevant in time and I just deleted some like that.

I have also been reorganising some of the labels. For example I have now separated Japan and Korea from Asia, added to VW Group a VW Group production label, created a Balkan category for the former Yugoslavia, Romania and Bulgaria from Euro South. Greece got its own label although technically on the Balkan peninsula. Finland was taken from Scandinavia and got its own label too. Finland isn't strictly a Scandinavian nation anyway and it balanced things out more. All this to try keep the labels from having too many blog articles attached.

Unfortunately, there are hiccups. When transferring a Japan entry, the computer decided to change the date and move it up to a current time. So if you are wondering why Japan 2013 appeared in 2015, that was the reason.

In a world where you are required to sign up to view data, pay a fee for access, have to be confronted by pop up advertisements, surveys, passive adverts and even videos that switch themselves on, none of that here. All 100% commercial free and hassle free.

It's always nice to get something free. Of course there is no such thing as a free lunch and it requires time to do it, but hobbies are that way and that is how I view it. So please enjoy the free allaboutcars blog site.


  1. Hi Ray, Sorry not to drop a note sooner but I've been too busy catching up all the posts you've put out!

    I know you do this for the love, and not for praise (and certainly not for money!) but I'd just like to say "thanks and well done" for an amazing site. You are the only person who does this...your site is a truly unique corner of the internet.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this, and have a great 2015.

    Chris G

  2. Hi Chris, Thanks for the comment. Much appreciated. I hope things are going well for you too. ;-)