19 December 2014


I wrote to Toyota Motors UK and asked if they would answer some questions. They responded by saying that the y get many such requests, and politely declined. So I will answer them myself. They build the Auris (Corolla) and Avensis models.

1) The Avensis, Auris hatch and tourer are models assembled at the UK plant. Is there anything about existing models or future ones you could share? Presumably the Avensis will be replaced by something quite different, seeing as the large car is not very popular now in Europe. A crossover perhaps? 

The new Avensis for Europe
Apparently my sensible suggestion of a crossover isn't the answer. The car in the photos is the new Avenis, it seems. I would have thought something more adventurous but I guess that is one thing Japanese car makers are not. At least it is more daring in style than what Toyota normally delivers.

2) Nearly all production is for Europe. In New Zealand we do get a few Avensis estate cars. The Auris Tourer seems a fine vehicle that is wasted just being sold in Europe. Are there plans to export it beyond Europe? 

I would say the answer is no to this one, with a few exceptions perhaps.

 3) Can you elaborate on where you export to from the UK? 

Err...no they didn't but the above answer about covers it.

4) What is Toyota's long term view of car/engine making in the UK?

I'm guessing they will continue to supply Europe with a couple of models and leave it at that. Future expansion would be in Turkey I would wager.

So there you have it. Not from the horse's mouth, but my educated guesses. They are busy at TMUK, but at least they were gracious in their response.

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