09 September 2014

Jaguar XE Coming Soon

There are already articles out there about the car, the likely engines, it's lightness etc. I am sure it will be a nice drive. The thing is many car journalists will take it for a spin around a test track when it is available early next year for evaluation. They will then tell you if it is as good as the opposition.

I hate to say this but that shows you how you shouldn't take any note of them. We don't live on roads like race tracks and for most of us that is irrelevant anyway. The thing to do is ignore car testers and take it for a teat drive yourself if you are thinking about getting one.

As for the style of the car, that is something we can judge now. For me it looks sleek like a Jaguar should. It is conservative but Jaguar don't need risky designs in a such an important vehicle as the XE. It is the right approach and it is a good looking car. This is a competitive segment. The XE will have its work cut out but will sell well. 

Evolutionary rather than revolutionary

The rear is sharp

It looks classy and stylish out and about

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