02 July 2014

5-Door MINI Starts Production

Cowley, UK production is underway

The 5-Door mini doesn't go on sale until October 2014, but it is starting to roll down the Cowley production line. It is seen as becoming a bigger seller than the 3-door hatch model. I have always liked the MINI but the lack of rear portals was a put off. Now it has them it is the sort of car that would appeal. The Clubman was stylish but not well packaged enough. The Countryman not attractive enough. This is the MINI I would buy.

Side profile works well

There is nothing that mini about the car, and I hope BMW realise it cannot grow with each new model. That would soon make it a 'midi', which it is now really. It still has that MINI cuteness and sense of fun, yet cues from the original mini. The only issue is the cost. It is premium and while reasonable value, not quite positioned in that regard where I want to be. I can see it being successful and deservedly so.

Still likes the twisty bits

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