02 June 2014

The RR Evoque 'Knock Off'

 It is generally known that Chinese car makers want western car making technology. While other nations are just happy to have manufacturers set up factories and run them themselves, it is not so in China. Car firms are told if they want to sell cars in China, they have to not only make them there, but also form a 50/50 joint venture partnership with a local company.

The reason was surely so that technology would transfer and then Chinese designed and made cars could compete internationally. That generally hasn't happened as foreign firms have not allowed it, although some car makers have said of late they are comfortable with sharing sensitive technology with their partners. They must have more confidence in their motives than I.

Anyway, some Chinese firms simply do 'knock offs' of western cars. Copyright means nothing in China and the courts will not help if you complain. Of course rather than upset Chinese authorities western firms have to accept blatant copyright infringements.

You can see an example here of the Range Rover Evoque. This one bears the name Landwind E32, made by the firm Jiangling Motor Corporation or JMC. I am sure if you looked beneath the bodywork, there would be a much inferior product to the original. However, when technology does eventually make its way to China, they will make much better copies.

They will never be able to sell this in Europe or North America, but most other nations will gladly let them in. I hope they are not death traps like many Chinese cars have proven to be, as the unsuspecting buyer deserves better than that.

Landwind X6 crash test gets a zero score. Are they safer now?

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