11 March 2014

The Jaguar XK Has Run It's Course

The XKR with that 'outta my way' look.

Some cars are successful, others not. Nevertheless, they all have a shelf life. The Jaguar XK has been successful in the segment it sells in, but it is now coming to the end of it's use by date and other priorities mean the replacement is ready yet. So how many were made? My estimates by year are:

1996 7,125

1997 14,925

1998 13,225

1999 11,425

2000 12,250

2001 10,750

2002 6,850

2003 5,650

2004 4,400

2005 4,025

2006 13,800

2007 11,225

2008 6,950

2009 4,525

2010 5,575

2011 5,100

2012 3,975

2013 3,225

Total 145,000

That list totals 145,000 cars made, quite a success for the segment it operates in. It would be a shame to keep selling a car that has done its job, but will in future fall behind the competition. The F-Type is selling well and will carry the sports car mantle in the meantime. From that you can deduce that this isn't the end of the line for a Jaguar super sports car. An upmarket version is the plan ahead, perhaps around 2017.

For the outgoing car, two special editions are now available, a Signature model and a Dynamic R one, depending how much you want in your last XK.

The XK rides off into the sunset.

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