27 March 2014

SEAT Production By Model : 2013

The Ibiza looks sharp and sporty. Production was down in 2013

SEAT went rather well in 2013, production up nearly 10% was strong. To understanding the make is difficult for me as they are not sold in NZ. They seem to have a slightly sporty, youthful image but it hasn't worked that well. VW hopes for 500,000 SEAT sales by 2018. From what I can gather:

The Ibiza is a hatchback/estate car which is not that new so production figures are down. The León is as the Ibiza but larger and a newer model, with sales increasing. The Altea and Toledo are combined by VW for production numbers but I am not sure why. The Altea is an MPV made in Spain while the Toledo is a 5 door liftback made in the Czech Republic, in other words a Škoda Rapid.

The Mii is a newish model the same as the VW UP! and Škoda Citigo, all built in Slovakia. I was surprised to see production down considering it's a fresh product. The Alhambra is a large MPV made in Portugal, it's sibling being the VW Sharan. The current version has been around since 2010 and is a solid but modest seller. The Exeo was the top of the range sedan/estate car which finished in 2013, hence the slump in production.

11 12 13
Production Share +/-

1 1 1 Ibiza 145,041 41.1% -9.8%

2 2 2 Leon 114,568 32.5% 60.7%

3 3 3 Altea/Toledo 43,055 12.2% 32.6%

6 4 4 Mii 25,489 7.2% -3.5%

5 5 5 Alhambra 19,990 5.7% 3.1%

4 6 6 Exeo 4,681 1.3% -56.9%

Total 352,824

Data source: Thanks to VW.

Summary: SEAT is a brand that is costing VW money as it struggles hard to be profitable. There is something to like about the brand, but finding enough buyers - for what is a make that is almost exclusively sold in Europe - is proving a challenge.

The Alhambra is considered a large MPV in Europe

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