22 March 2014

Rolls Royce Worldwide Sales By Model: 2013

The Phantom saloon model, the Series II came out in 2012.

The designers who work at Rolls Royce must surely enjoy the relative freedom of working on cars with emphasis on quality rather than cost. Despite the upmarket price they also sell well, showing that there is strong demand for premium products in whatever field they exist.

Phantom Drophead Coupé. Nice summer's evening, top down.... not bad.

There are two models, the less expensive Ghost - coming in both saloon and coupé (Wraith) body styles - and the more upmarket Phantom with the same two model options. The Phantom Coupé comes as either a hard top or a drop top model.

Phantom Coupé. For those who don't want to feel the wind in their hair.

The Ghost model has taken the Rolls Royce into another level of sales, introducing the marque to new customers. The coupé version (Wraith) only went on sale September 2013, so the nearly 500 unit sales was outstanding.

The Ghost model, with very clean lines.

Model    2013   Share +/-

Ghost 2,776 76% 0%

- Sedan 2,284 82% -18%

- Wraith 492 18%    n/a

Phantom 854 24% 8%

- Sedan 631 74% 10%

- Coupes 223 26% 3%

Total 3,630

Data source: Thanks to BMW.

Time each model was released:

Phantom Saloon: Released in 2003, with a Series II in 2012. 
Phantom Drophead Coupé: Debuted in 2007.
Phantom  Coupé: Since 2008.

Ghost Saloon: From 2010. 
Wraith: Late 2013.

The Wraith has just been released.

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