05 March 2014

#1 Car Brands Worldwide By Country

The very competent Corolla/Auris

The annual list of car brands worldwide is here. The 45 nations that are listed below are under the brand that topped the sales in their country. A new feature is the number to the right of the country, which represents how many years the brand has been top. In the case of '10+', that means ten or more years. In some cases it goes back so many years and I wouldn't even know how many. Ten is enough to show nothing has changed for at least a decade. A question mark means I am not sure as I have insufficient historical data.

Toyota is number one in the world due to it's global reach. VW Group tries to catch them with numerous brands whereas Toyota does its work basically under on nameplate. Notice that when on top, it doesn't usually go away. All those '10+' figures show that very well. GM is the same, but not on the same scale.

Of course, there are so many countries not listed here and many of those would be Toyota you would have to imagine. However, I'm not in the business of speculation so unless any reader can add anything, it stops at 39. Still, it does give an idea of how things are.  (To see Europe, please click here).

Toyota 17 Nations

Australia 10+

Bahrain 10+

Brunei 10+

Gabon 10+

Hong Kong 10+

Indonesia 4

Japan 10+

Kuwait 10+

Mauritius 10+

New Zealand 10+

Nigeria 10+?

Oman 10+?

Peru 10+

Philippines 10+

Taiwan 10+

Uganda 10+?

Vietnam 10+

Yemen 10+?

GM 5 Nations

Chile 10+

Colombia 10+

Uruguay 10+

USA 10+

Venezuela 10+

Hyundai 5 Nations

Angola ?

Egypt 9

Israel 3

Jordan ?

Korea 10+

VW 3 Nations

Argentina 10+

China 10+

South Africa 4

Kia 2 Nations

Lebanon 4

Paraguay 4

Suzuki 2 Nations

India 10+

Pakistan 10+

Fiat 1 Nation

Brazil 10+

Ford 1 Nation

Canada 4

Honda 1 Nation

Thailand 1

Lada 1 Nation

Kazakhstan 10+ ?

Mercedes 1 Nation

Singapore 1

Nissan 1 Nation

Mexico 6

Perodua 1 Nation

Malaysia 9

Peugeot 1 Nation

Algeria 1

Renault 1 Nation

Tunisia 10+?

Dacia 1 Nation

Morocco 5

Data source: Thank you to all who made it possible.

The Yaris/Vitz an ideal town car

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