22 January 2014

Europe Sales Top 10 Models : 2013

The top ten places in Europe are sought after. They represent success in a competitive market. Europe is waning as a power in the world, but the continent still has a reputation as a place to prove your worth. It's customers are discerning.

VW retained it's top spot with the golf so no surprise there. Not that much changes except for new model arrivals and ones about to be replaced moving up/down.

The Renault Clio on a high

The thing that I note the most is the Qashqai, by Nissan. It is being replaced at the beginning of 2014, yet here it is with the tiniest of decreases. The new model will surely lift sales. It has captured the car buying public in Europe and has held up well despite the new model's arrival. The fact that it is a Japanese brand adds to that, as they don't do that well in Europe. Nissan in Europe isn't big enough to have a Top 10 model by rights either. A real success story.

As for the rest, they have been on the list for years. The Clio had a nice increase, as did the 208. European brands are pink, US blue and Japan green.

1 VW Golf 470,229 431,754 9%

2 Ford Fiesta 293,663 306,308 -4%

3 Renault Clio 287,111 244,076 18%

4 VW Polo 266,994 287,639 -7%

5 GM Corsa 239,814 265,070 -10%

6 Peugeot 208 239,102 160,150 49%

7 Ford Focus 224,232 241,728 -7%

8 Nissan Qashqai 202,593 208,049 -3%

9 BMW 3 Series 201,224 175,299 15%

10 GM Astra 194,683 230,237 -15%

Data source: Thanks to Jato.

The 2014 Qashqai coming to a dealer near you

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