26 January 2014

Clarification On Issues With Blogger

Anyone who followed the Blog last year will know about the almost impossible situation with posting anything. It came shortly after going with Google Chrome and only affected Google Blogger and anything to do with Google forums. This led me to believe that Google had issues, and it may still be so.

However, with another round of problems (leading to a slowing of new blog articles you may have noticed) I checked with friends nearby who had no such issues. I put it to my internet provider that perhaps it was due to the Fritz Box that I got from them around the time the problems occurred. The technician remotely accessed the box and not only was all fine with Google again, the internet itself seems much quicker overall.

So what I don't why Google was the only service affected. Was it because it taxes the system more than any other service? Hard to imagine why. Whatever the reason, hopefully it has been put to bed. If Google has no responsibility, then I am sorry for imputing that to them. I just don't know. Anyway, hopefully service will now be consistent.

For those of us who love cars, we can get back to reading and learning about them. Just don't get too carried away with it though. It is just a car.

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