01 December 2013

Kia Worldwide Production By Nation : 2012

10th in the world is Kia for car/LCV production. It makes 58% of its product in Korea, but that fell from 62% in 2001 and 95% in 2005. Still, it has few plants around the world considering its size. It increased its world share to 3.4%, with 7% growth in 2012. USA production was up 31%, Slovakia 16% and China 13%, but Korea was static.

It seems that bigger brother Hyundai is trying to go more upmarket while Kia is remaining at the value end. I presume the brand will continue to grow at a steady rate, without becoming a really big marque. It will also have to face pressure from low cost offerings such as Renault/Dacia and Nissan/Datsun in emerging markets.

Ultimately, the direction for Kia is still a bit up in the air, with the new supremo of Hyundai/Kia yet to really define what will happen. He will need time to sort it all out. I think it will be a challenge to get a clear difference with both brands. For now their ranges are certainly too similar.

11 12
2011 Shr 2012 Shr

1 1 Korea 1,557,233 61.9% 1,558,355 57.8%

2 2 China 432,516 17.2% 487,580 18.1%

3 3 USA 273,751 10.9% 358,520 13.3%

4 4 Slovakia 252,252 10.0% 292,050 10.8%

Total Kia 2,515,752 3.3% 2,696,505 3.4%

Kia Cerato - Looking Sporty

Data source: OICA


  1. Thanks Ray, I have found your top ten very interesting. I didn't realise Suzuki made that many cars!

    One thing though - you seem to be missing number 6 on the list (which I am guessing might be PSA?) It would be interesting to see how many cars Peugeot/Citroen made in France compared to production in the rest of the world.


    Chris G

  2. Hello Chris,

    Well spotted. I missed Hyundai so will add that asap.

    PSA I have as Peugeot (11th) and Citroen (15th).

  3. Thanks for adding Hyundai.

    So you are counting Peugeot and Citroen separately? They are the same company so I wonder where they would come as a combined entity.

    Anyway I love these production stats posts...the country ones are great too. Falling German production is a surprise. I think French production is falling so much that purely on cars (not including commercial vehicles) the UK might overtake them in the next couple of years.

  4. Hi there. Peugeot and Citroen could be as one. That would make it easier. Then again Hyundai and Kia are the same company. It just comes down to personal preference.

    I am glad you like production stats. They are not as commonly available as sales are, and are often only as a yearly figure.