12 December 2013

Chrysler Worldwide Production By Nation : 2012

Jeep Cherokee - Not my kind of styling

Chrysler has had an interesting history. It has had many brand names, has attempted unsuccessfully to enter Europe through European marques it bought. There was an unhappy marriage with Daimler-Benz, and now it is largely owned by Fiat. It is the twelfth largest car maker.

300 C - Very American
Currently under the name Chrysler is the that brand name, Dodge and Jeep. It only makes cars in the NAFTA region, which does limit its global reach. Access to some markets in any decent volume is via local manufacturing only.

Dodge Dart - Looks OK

Chrysler makes relatively few cars, most of its range is pick up trucks and SUVs (nearly 75%). How the tie-up with Fiat will affect the company only time will tell. It seems to be working much better than the one with Daimler.

Below the chart shows production nearly 19%. It's global share of car manufacturing went up from 2.6 to 2.9%. That put is in twelfth spot.

2011 Shr 2012 Shr

USA 1,162,553 58.4% 1,330,783 56.4%

Canada 496,081 24.9% 585,918 24.8%

Mexico 331,583 16.7% 442,426 18.8%

Total 1,990,217 2.6% 2,359,127 2.9%

Data source: OICA

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