10 November 2013

Norway Is Electric - In Cars

Very Popular Nissan leaf

When it comes to buying a new car, I would like to buy electric. However being a single car family, the car's limited range before having to recharge is a deal breaker. 95% of the time - around town - it would be fine, but for those away trips - impossible. Also the premium price charged is something I couldn't swallow.

In Norway the government assists the electric car buyer. The steep purchase taxes are waived, annual registration, parking fees, and tolls likewise. Some of these benefits will end once electric car ownership is well established. For now however, buying an electric model is comparable in purchase cost to a petrol equivalent. Add the other incentives too, and it is compelling! With virtually all of Norway's power hydro sourced, driving an electric car is truly a green solution.

Hybrid car purchasers didn't benefit like electric car buyers, but now they have been given a government incentive as well. They are now likely to become more popular as a result. To see how this electric revolution is going, let's look at hard statistics.

The Tesla S Model
Nissan Leaf: Top selling car in Norway in October, 2013 (5.6% of the total market) and 4th best seller for 2013 Jan - Oct period (3.2% YTD).

Tesla S: 900 sold in Jan-Oct 2013. For a premium
electric car that is a big number.

Toyota Auris Hybrid (Tourer Model)

Toyota Auris: This model includes a hybrid option, and it is in 2nd place in sales for October 2013. Most of this model's sales for the latest month were for the hybrid. It is second YTD on the Norwegian sales chart as well.

There are other electric and hybrid models benefitting, but the ones listed are the most notable and show the extent things are happening in Norway with greener car purchasing. Therefore, Norway is very much going electric, in car sales that is.

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