22 October 2013

Porsche On The Up

Porsche was a company on its knees a few years ago. Relying on sports cars only, that was too narrow a product range to sustain it through good times and bad. Along came the ugly  (to me) Cayenne, which has been a very profitable and successful addition to the brand. Then the better looking (maybe) Panamera four door car that has also sold quite well but not as big a hit. SUVs are the place to be, not limousines.

Below are sales and production figures for Porsche. The 2011 data is for a calender year while 2012 is a fiscal one, meaning there may be overlap in figures but the upward trend is still noticeable. I also observed how production numbers exceed sales. This could be due to that overlap and also increased stock holding.

2012 2011 +/-
Sales (units) 143,096 116,978 22.3%
Cayenne 77,822 59,873 30.0%
Panamera 27,331 28,218 -3.1%
911 26,203 17,607 48.8%
Boxster/Cayman 11,740 11,280 4.1%

Production (units) 151,999 127,793 18.9%
Cayenne 83,208 62,004 34.2%
911 28,419 21,748 30.7%
Panamera 27,056 31,834 -15.0%
Boxster/Cayman 13,316 12,207 9.1%

Whatever one things of Porsche's move into areas beyond sports cars, it was a financial necessity. Now under the VW umbrella, it will lose some of its small car company decision making freedoms as it has to work within a larger, more conservative structure.

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