08 November 2013

Medium Hatch Comparison : NZ Prices

Medium sized hatchback cars are big business in NZ. While in many countries in the world prefer a boot (trunk: US), some regions like the versatility of a car that turns into a cargo hauler. It is a price sensitive area of the market too, the lower the car price the more that is so. It's a segment that my next car will probably be in, so how do they stack up? Every car market is different but there may be some similarities to where you live.

The cars seem to range mainly between $30-35K NZD. So what of them? The sales figures are for 2012 which includes sedans too, if they are sold here. Auto transmissions only are listed here. All are exclusive of on road costs, about NZD $650.

Coming in as the cheapest hatch is the Suzuki SX4 2.0l at 28k. Probably a tad smaller than others here but big on value. (692)

I was surprised at the 29k price of the Citroen C4 1.6l. I know little of this brand but the price is good. It sells in small numbers. (93)

The Kia Cerato 1.8l hatch starts at 30K, so good value there. No dealers in my town for them so no chance for me. (553)

Also on offer the Skoda Rapid 1.4l hatch from 30k also. Turbo power and a 7 speed twin clutch transmission are good but limited dealer coverage an issue for me. (New).

The Nissan Pulsar 1.8l hatch starts at 30k too, and offers good value. (New) I guess the Juke 1.6l at 32k is a starter also and I do like its daring looks. (596)

Peugeot 308 1.6l hatch comes in from 30k, but limited dealers and a brand I'm not fussed on would make this a no go. (277)

The Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0l hatch is good value at 30.7K, but not a brand I would consider. (550)

Hyundai offer the smallish Accent hatch for 32k, with a 1.6l motor. They also do a similar sized i30 1.8l Hatch from 36K. I am not sure on why two models so close but the Accent (473) looks OK value and the i30 (1,909) over priced.

The GM Holden Cruze hatch starting at 31k for an 1.8l seems reasonable but I have questions about the engine being off the pace. (1,864)

A Mazda 3 2.0l  hatch starts off at 32.8K, which is not a bad price but it is a run out model. I also think they are not not well packaged for space, with emphasis on the driving. Never been that keen on Mazdas. (1,724)

The VW Golf 1.4l at 34.75K or the 1.6l 37.25k are frankly too expensive. At these prices VW over values its product. (1,023)

The Ford Focus 1.6l hatch kicks off at 33.34K and that is quite good for the popular model. (2,158)

The Honda Civic Euro Hatch 1.6l is priced at a no haggle 35k. I don't mind a set price but it should be sharp if it is to be non-negotiable, which it isn't. A shame as it is a good car that is just too expensive. (Mainly sedans in the 913 sales)

The Renault Megane 2.0l hatch is too dear and not good enough at 35k. (58)

A Toyota Corolla 1.8l hatch starts at 35k. I like it, but not at this price. (5,324)

Likewise the Subaru Impreza 2.0l at 37k. (217) They are however doing a 4wd model for 32k at the moment, which is good value.

So a big selection but many I wouldn't consider. The SX4, Rapid, Juke, Focus Civic and Corolla are all cars  I could like. The Civic Euro hatch stood out for me as a practical and well thought out car. Honda NZ need to realise a no haggle price has to be good. Otherwise, specials on other models makes them better value.

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