26 June 2013

Jaguar SUV On The Way It Seems

No, no, not like this! Artist's impression fail.

Jaguar has talked about a model under the XF, the most likely you could call a 3 Series competitor. Such a model is described by Jaguar as crucial to the brand's future. However, I never understood how that would work. The 3 Series segment in Europe is a high volume one, including sizable fleet sales. You need big volumes to be cost effective and achieving that in a very competitive environment - against established popular models - is a big ask. Jaguar does not even have the production capacity to do it anyway. 

An SUV is the way to go, and Jaguar seem to be hinting that is what will happen before any smaller saloon model is attempted. It will be easier to make money on lower volumes that way. Of course, Jaguar should have done it years ago as I said here. Better late than never I suppose. 

It would share a platform with a Land Rover model, saving cost. As long as the model was more feline in style, the Jaguar would not directly compete with LR, but sporty SUVs of other makes. Win, win I say. 

Summary: Good to see common sense prevail, with a likely switch from smaller car to SUV as the planned move into higher volume territory.

Auto Bild suggestion better. 

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