06 May 2013

Honda Worldwide Sales & Production: 2012/13

Honda Civic Hatch

Honda is truly an international car brand. Whilst it originated in Japan, it by no means relies on that market. For the Apr - Mar 2012/13 year, 78% of production and 81% of sales were outside of the home nation. As is the custom in Japan, overseas sales are not included, so the 3.3 million figure is an educated estimate.

Most of the Europe production figure is the UK, and about half of the Asian number China. All areas outside Japan had strong increases in production, leading to a healthy gain of 29% in total.

Production % Tot +/-

North Amer 1,687,168 41.6% +37.3%

Asia 1,149,843 28.3% +37.8%

Japan 876,039 21.6% +0.6%

Europe 170,505 4.2% +62.8%

Others 172,586 4.3% +79.8%

Total 4,056,141

Sales % Tot +/-

Japan 716,797 17.7% +19.3%

Other 3,300,000 81.4% -

As the storm clouds of economic uncertainty surround the car industry, Honda goes it alone and maintains its independence from alliances. It is big enough to do so, but would benefit with co-operation with other car makers.

Honda CRZ

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