02 April 2013

World Car Design Of The Year: 2013

I love car design. When other boys wanted to be firemen or policemen, I wanted to be a car designer. I don't know if I would have succeeded had I taken that career path, but I do know what I like in the styling of a car. The World Car Design award only started in 2006. Recent winners were in 2011 the Aston Martin Rapide and for 2012 the Range Rover Evoque.

Now for the 2013 winner. There were 43 candidates apparently. The runners up in 2013 were the Mazda 6 and the Aston martin Vanquish, but both were beaten by the Jaguar F-Type. The marque has a history of very good two-seater sports cars. So for Jaguar to return to that segment is well over due, as it is over 50 years since the E-Type.

So what is it about the F-Type? To me it has simple, clean lines; almost a classical Italian style to it. It doesn't try too hard to look good. However, rather than me waffling about it, the pictures below say it so much better....

Pictures from: netcarshow.com Please click here.

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