15 March 2013

Volvo Car Sales By Model: 2012

Volvo cars is a marque at the crossroads. Chinese owner Geely has just come out and said it is too Swedish.  Sales were down slightly in 2012 while other premium car makers were enjoying increased sales. I must say that when putting together the sales figures below, I wanted to rationalise the list as Volvo seems to make differentiate the same models by their variants. A car and a wagon version of it is surely one model, but not in Volvoland.

Volvo stands for safety, of which it is unrivalled. It also means design that is dull, which it needs to change. It also needs to clarify its model range. Below I put a sales list together, from a source recommended to me by a very helpful person named Vadym. Thank you for that, and the source is here if you want greater model detail. Thanks also to Volvo for an open policy.

S means sedan or saloon, C equaltes to coupe, V stands for variant or wagon and XC denotes SUV. I combined S and V when I thought it should be, but kept the SUVs separate. SUVs are colour coded pale green.

S60/V60 117,783 0%

XC60 106,203 +9%

C/V70 39,551 -15%

S40/V40 34,800 +47%

XC90 31,290 -21%

V50 30,246 -34%

XC70 25,579 -2%

C30 19,256 -29%

S80 17,243 -30%

421,951 -6%

The new V40 hatchback (I'm surprised it isn't named H40) obviously caused the 40 range to grow, and the XC60 was up too, but the rest were all down. The marque needs it retain its legendary reputation but add more style and clearer model definitions (with less of them).

Anyone else wanting me to put an article together for then on anything like the above please say hello and a provide the information to rdc1234@gmail.com. Thanks again to Vadym.

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