22 March 2013

Škoda Production By Model: 2012

When I was growing up, Škoda was a brand to joke about. But now VW is slowly but surely turning the brand around. VW bought into Škoda in 1991 and took control in the year 2000. Since then, VW has slowly moved it forward. It certainly not the butt of any jokes now. Two new models are here for 2012, their first full year production helping to keep Škoda numbers heading upwards. The Octavia model represents almost half of all cars made.

It is getting a balanced look about the range now, but I wonder if going forward from here may be a challenge. It needs to get into more markets, and that is what is happening. How well that goes will decide how successful Škoda is.

Octavia 406,360 +1% 43.1%

Fabia 255,025 -3% 27.0%

Superb 106,847 -11% 11.3%

Yeti 90,952 +18% 9.6%

Roomster 39,249 +8% 4.2%

Citigo 36,687      new 3.9%

Rapid 8,292 new 0.9%

Total 943,412 +5%

Production data thanks to VW Group.

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