17 March 2013

Renault Twizy

Renault have some quirky ideas and the Twizy is one of them. I think of it a bike with an electric engine and some weather protection. Others may see it as an electric car. It can seat two people, gets its energy from a lithium-ion battery, and has an optimum range of 100km (60 miles).

The Good: Ideal for congested city traffic, easy to park, kind on the environment (depending how the electric is sourced), has a fun factor to drive and it looks interesting.

The Bad: Isn't cheap to buy, considering doors and plastic side windows are extras! In wet and cold climates, you would get wet and cold very quickly. It has the usual electric limited range, strictly a city vehicle and has limited carrying / storage capacity.

How it sells: It has been on the market for the most of 2012 and sales according to Renault as follows:

Germany 2,413
France 2,232
Italy 1,545
Spain 943
Switzerland 555
Belgium 440
UK 287
Austria 271
Netherlands 200
Portugal 71
Luxembourg 58
Others 5
Total 9,020

I would have thought those figures on the low side, but the fact is for all the negatives mentioned above it probably never will be a strong seller. I applaud Renault for their inventiveness and daring to even make it but I just don't see it being a success.

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