27 March 2013

Bentley/Lambo Car Production By Model: 2012

Bentley and Lamborghini are the two elite brand in the VW portfolio. VW acquired Bentley in 1998 and it has to be said that VW has handled the marque with skill and understanding. Lamborghini was bought by  Audi, which is part of VW. That brings it under Audi's stewardship. In turn Audi has done well with a marque that was really struggling.

1) Bentley. It's 2012 production figure was up 20%, with the Continental GT up a whopping 51%. Bentley has a reputation of the highest order and with VW's backing a winning formula.

Continental GT 6,174 +51% 67.8%

Flying Spur 1,764 -25% 19.4%

Mulsanne 1,169 +2% 12.8%

Total 9,107 +20%

2) Lamborghini. I must say the cars have a certain style and presence. However, with competition from Ferrari and lately Mclaren, I wonder why you would buy one. With production up 28%, you have to say the marque is holding its own in the super sports car world. The Gallardo is the 'baby', while the Aventador is the flagship model. 

Gallardo 1,221 -3% 55.6%

Aventador 976 +118% 44.4%

Total 2,197 +28%

Data source: Thanks to VW Group.

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