26 January 2013

Land Rover Sales By Region & Model: 2012

It was a stellar year for LR in 2012. It is a company that has never failed with a model. The original Land Rover was a run away success well beyond expectancy, as in was the next model, the Range Rover. The Discovery also has been a strong seller from the beginning and the Freelander has sold well, especially in Europe. Now the Evoque has been extremely popular in its short life. I assume it will continue to be successful just like the others.

How did LR go in 2012? First we will look at sales by region. The chart shows sales, increase and share of total LR sales. Increases occurred in all regions, especially in Asia/Pacific (+77%).

Europe 123,125 +32% 40%
Asia/Pacific 78,450 +77% 26%
Nth America 47,950 +16% 16%
Others 54,425 +18% 18%

Now for sales by model. The Evoque has sensationally lept to 35% of all LR sales. Amazingly other models didn't seem to suffer much from the arrival of the Evoque; perhaps the Freelander a little (-7%). The new Range Rover is here for 2013 and the -13% in 2012 was in anticipation of that I assume.

Evoque 108,600 +378% 35%
RR Sport 56,850 +4% 18%
Freelander 48,350 -7% 16%
Discovery 46,250 +3% 15%
Range Rover 27,500 -13% 8%
Defender 16,400 +5% 5%
Total 303,950 +35%

Overall, an outstanding 2012 for the marque, with a 35% growth. On top of that, 2013 is looking good for LR too.

Data source: Thanks to Tata and its more open stance.

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