07 January 2013

JLR Sales China: 2012

I would not normally report on sales for a brand in a particular country but this is an exception. Jaguar/Land Rover is to build a manufacturing plant in China. Nothing unusual about that apart from the fact they are later than other premium brands to do so. What is impressive is the success JLR has had for the year.

China is now the number one market for the company for 2012. Combined sales of Jaguar and Land Rover were 73,347 which is a 74% increase. Land Rover sold 65,896 of those, a huge 83% improvement on 2011. The Evoque model accounted for 21,300 sales, or put another way 32.3% of total LR sales. Jaguar sold 7,451 cars for a not unsubstantial 25% increase. So Land Rover's biggest market is now China, while Jaguar in China is third behind the UK and the USA. The dealer network is growing to make the vehicles more accessible across this vast market.

Article source: www.chinadaily.com.cn

Pictures: www.netcarshow.com

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