28 January 2013

Jaguar Sales By Region & Model: 2012

The big growth for Jaguar was in Asia/Pacific and 'Other' markets. Traditionally dominant Europe and North America still command 68% of sales, but this is lessening and so it should. Too many eggs in the mature markets basket can leave one exposed if they contract.

Europe 24,050 +3% 45%
Nth America 12,650 -3% 23%
Asia/Pacific 11,150 +21% 21%
Others 6,000 +21% 11%

The XF with its improvements had a good increase in sales (+13%), but the other two models slipped. The XJ (-1%) was about the same in sales and the XK (-15%) is ageing. The newly released XF sportsbrake has been a long time coming and should add to Jaguar sales for 2013. The new F-Type is needed asap and should be a winner when it arrives during the year also. As it stands now, Jaguar is too reliant on the XF, with 64% of Jaguar sales.

XF 34,700 +13% 64%
XJ 15,000 -1% 28%
XK 4,150 -15% 8%
Total 53,850 +6%

Data source: Thanks to Tata.

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