21 January 2013

Car Sales Greece By Model: 2012

Rather than just do a list of the top models in Greece, I thought I would add a dimension. They like their small cars in the south of Europe and Greece is no different. So, below is a breakdown of segment sales for the top 45 and they are colour coded accordingly.

Seg A Seg B Seg C Seg D SUV

11 18 11 3 2

24% 40% 24% 7% 4%

1Opel Corsa3957
24Lancia Ypsilon732
2Toyota Yaris3390
25Fiat 500714
3Citroen C32490
26Ford Focus675
4VW Polo2352
5Opel Astra2213
28VW Passat652
6Ford Fiesta1774
29Kia Rio644
7Fiat Panda1481
30VW Tiguan630
8Nissan Micra1269
31BMW 1 Series612
9Hyundai i201179
32Alfa Giulietta555
10Skoda Octavia1157
11Nissan Qashqai1078
34Opel Insignia536
12Suzuki Swift1074
35Suzuki Alto534
13Hyundai i101008
36Renault Clio522
14Toyota Auris1007
37Nissan Juke 494
15VW Golf1007
38Citroen C1480
16Citroen C4934
39Volvo S60472
17Skoda Fabia925
40Auid A3466
18VW UP!896
41Kia Picanto458
19Seat Ibiza864
42Audi A1456
20Peugeot 107838
43Audi Q3447
21Peugoet 208837
44Mercedes A417
22Fiat Punto821
45Chev Spark410
23Toyota Aygo745

Some points to note:

1) 40 of the top 45 models are C class or smaller.

2) 40% in the compact B segment.

3) The first model which is not one of the A,B or C segments comes in at 28th.

4) Only two SUVs and none above 30th.

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